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Website usage terms

“Welcome to the universe club. Co., Ltd. universe (hereinafter the “”Company””) is operated for the “”Universe Club”” (hereinafter the “”Site””), you (hereinafter the “”user””) is Upon be to use this site, the following it defines the street Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “”Terms””). Please read this Terms well.

In addition, this agreement will be applied to all use of the site by the user. By using or accessing this site, regarded as those who agree to this Agreement, and shall where I am in compliance.

The contents of this Terms and Conditions shall be able to be changed when it is deemed necessary by the Company without prior notice. Please be forewarned. In addition, the time of your use of this site, please check the latest contents of the terms regularly on this page.

About service

In the use of this site you may need to access the web, but the user is and can be connected and operation to prepare the equipment, software and communication means, etc. required properly to his own expense and responsibility.

In addition, in this site but we do provide information about the Company, the future, you may want to add or or modified, or deleted, a variety of services.

In addition, the Company with respect to such accuracy and integrity of the services to which this site is provided and associated, not with any assurance act. In addition, the Company, for any damage to the user due to the uncertainty and services such as stopping of the services provided by this site, and shall not be liable. Please refer to the “”Disclaimer”” for more information.

The handling of personal information

Internet domain name obtained from the user during use of the site, IP address, name, e-mail address, address, personal information such as telephone numbers, will be handled in compliance with the “”Personal Information Protection Policy”” stipulated separately.

Copyright and trademark rights, intellectual property rights

Copyright and other rights of the information that has been posted on this site is intended to be used on the basis of the attributable to the Company or license, other legitimate rights. The user, can be used only if it is utilizing the information in the private purpose. Without the permission of the company, use without prior permission beyond the extent permitted by law, such as private use (duplication, transmission, transfer, including a secondary use, etc.) is prohibited from.

Prohibited matter

Company and this site, the user is prohibited from performing the following acts.

The act of damage to the Company or a third party, or actions that might damage

  • The Company or third party property, honor, act to violate the privacy or the like, or a possibility of infringement
  • public order contrary to act, or any act that raises the fear of the
  • such as to register the e-mail address of another person, false declaration, the act of performing the notification
  • And use such as computer viruses harmful programs or actions to provide
  • The junk e-mail and e-mail magazine, etc. unilaterally act of sending
  • And other, the act of violation of the laws and regulations, or the fear there Acts
  • And other, the act of the Company deems inappropriate

In addition, any violation of the above mentioned, the Company and this site the user to be able to claim compensation for damages to the user will agree.


The Company, when management of this site, for the matters specified in the following items, shall be exempt. Users of this site is deemed that had you accept the contents of this disclaimer. Please note.

  1. The Company is, all of the information that has been posted on this site to create carefully, also will manage, with respect to such as its accuracy and completeness, does not any guarantee. For example, delay of published information, or misleading clerical error, there is a possibility, including the false image, but shall not be liable for all damage caused at that time.
  2. The Company is, you might want to change all or part of the information that has been published to run this site without prior notice to stop or discontinue, or this site. In addition, the Company, the service provided by the delay of this site for any reason, or for the damage suffered by the user or a third party due to be interrupted, and assumes no responsibility.
  3. The Company, if the user has occurred damage due to such information obtained through the use of this site, and does not assume any responsibility.
  4. The Company is, by the user Nasaru use of this site, If you give such as damage to a third party, it is assumed that to solve this problem at its own expense and responsibility of the user, we all responsibility It will not be held.
  5. The Company, but users will be managed safely and strictly for personal information that had you input and transmission at the time of this site use, leakage of personal information and corporate information, it does guarantee we will for the prevention of falsification you.
  6. The Company has made a strict deal with the virus infection by sent E-mail from our company about this site, relative to the computer virus damage caused by E-mail that was sent from the Company, does not assume any guarantee.
  7. The Company, for the damage caused by the web site of a third party that is described in this site (hereinafter the “”Linked Sites””), and the original does not assume any responsibility.
  8. The Company, for damages caused by the transaction of using a false facts and personal information, and shall not bear any responsibility.

About the link

Ask and attention at the time of the link
We are, for the link sites that are linked from this site, the reliability of the information, legality, permission of the copyright, there is no guarantee for such accuracy. In addition, for any damage caused by the use of the content of the linked sites and link site, we do not have those that bear any responsibility.

In addition, a link to this site is not intended to profit, only if it meets certain conditions, such as not a link which is unknown in the frame or any other method which is the content of this site, is free as a general rule.

Site to refuse link

If prompting or collect or unnecessary personal information consideration of the usage fees from users upon access to this site, published illegal content (including content that illegal fear), or illegal activities ( there is a risk involved also involved in including) If the activities that illegal fear, including sites is determined that public order contrary to the site (contrary), or if such our slander or defamation Company If there is a possibility that harm the business and credit are subject to refuse the link itself.

For viewing environment

Recommended environment
In the present site, in order to comfortably use a more secure, we recommend the latest version of the following browsers (except preview version, the beta version, etc.).

  • Microsoft Edge latest version
  • Firefox latest version
  • Safari latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version

It should be noted that, in this site have been made to the page display by CSS. For specification by the browser are different, there is a case where the display is disturbed part. In addition, the recommended viewing also browser and OS in the environment, by a combination such as plug-ins, there is the case that some display problems and some functions may not be available. Please be forewarned.

About JavaScript
We are using a JavaScript order to use more comfortable in this site. If you have been a JavaScript by the setting of your browser to disable (off), function, display is not working properly, or you might not be able to operate. See and JavaScript enabled (on) a. The setting method, please refer to the Help of each browser.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction

Available and the establishment of the Terms of this site, efficacy, effectiveness, such as performance, with respect to the interpretation and application, etc. are governed by the laws of Japan.

For all disputes between the user or a third party with us on this site, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

Special case

Based on this agreement, it may special provisions have been determined separately. If there is this agreement and conflicting provisions in the pages of description of each service of the present site, to apply the provisions that are set forth in the description page of each service.”

Keyword advertisement listing policy

We have not, and will not be using “Exact match” trademarks of competing companies for our keywords listing advertisement.
Google Ads policies (

In the sense of fair and healthy competition for the users, in principle, our policy for setting negative keyword with “Broad match”, “Phrase match”, “Broad match modifier” will not be established.

We thank you for your understanding.