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Do you see Universe Club as a prostitution service where you can do anything you want?
One where the club can’t get involved no matter what problems there might be between the members?

Don’t even think about it.

Universe Club is a collective of staff and members that aims to create a safe and crime-free sugar dating scene.
We do not welcome anyone trying to cause trouble and commit crimes while using our services.
Even if you use our services frequently or are well-known, we will not tolerate anyone who tries to hurt other individuals, whether physically or mentally.
We will work with the police and relevant ministries without any hesitation if any malicious criminal activity is found.

Kida Satoshi, C.E.O.


◆If it is discovered, a report will be made to the police on the spot and your membership will be forcibly withdrawn. The same rule applies to wiretapping.

Wiretapping and spy photography are punishable under the Anti-Nuisance Ordinance.
If you have installed a surveillance camera in your bag to prevent theft, you may also be suspected of taking spy photos.
Even if you are not filming, simply pointing or setting up a camera is considered a violation.

Common Tactics

Hidden cameras may be installed in everyday appliances. There may also be smartphone applications that allow discreet recording.
Cameras may be hidden in items like TVs, computers, power plugs, etc.

  • Common Tactics
  • Common Tactics
  • Common Tactics

If you become aware of any male members using similar voyeurism products, please follow the below workaround on how to deal with them.


  • Be aware of any smartphone cameras, devices etc. that might be pointing towards you.
  • Ask to move any items that are placed awkwardly and unnaturally, checking it if unsure.
  • If you confirm that an object is a spy camera, please take a photo as evidence and leave the date.
  • The Club will take care of any further talks with your partner.

Example of items that can be disguised as spy cameras

  • Powerbanks
  • Pens
  • Desktop clocks
  • Fire alarms


◆If this is discovered, a police report will be made on the spot and your membership will be withdrawn. This includes all of your partner’s valuables and personal belongings.

Theft is punishable under the law.
Even if you fail in the act or decide to stop out of your own volition, you will be punished for attempted theft.

Common Tactics

Stealing when in the bathroom or paying the bill.
Stealing when taking a shower.


Even if you keep your valuables in your bag, coat, pocket etc, it may still be unsafe if you look away.
When leaving an area eg. going to the washroom, be sure to take your valuables with you.
Keep a close eye on your personal belongings.

Drunk drivingDrunk driving

◆If discovered, you will be forcibly expelled from the club.

Drunk driving under the influence is punishable under the law, with penalties and fines for all parties involved, including passengers.


If your partner tries to drive while drunk, please decline the ride and report it to the club.

Drug use / possessionDrug use / possession

◆If discovered, you will be forcibly expelled from the club.

Drug possession will be punished in accordance with the law.
In addition, drugging another’s food or drink is also considered a crime and violation of this rule.


If you find that your partner is in possession of or using drugs, please report it to the club.
If you suspect that your drink/food has been tampered with, please report it as well.


◆If discovered, your membership will be forcibly terminated.


If you suspect that someone other than your expected partner comes, please report it to the club.

Violence/Abuse/Intimidation/Badger Game/Blackmail/Marriage Scams/StalkingViolence/Abuse/Intimidation/
Badger Game/Blackmail/
Marriage Scams/Stalking

◆ If discovered, you membership will be forcibly terminated.

Punishable by assault, misdemeanor violation, defamation, threats, and fraud.


If this applies to you, or if you feel threatened, please report to the Club.

Other Issues and RisksOther Issues and Risks

・ Lending and borrowing of money and goods
This can lead to financial problems, e.g. losing contact after lending money, or filing a lawsuit.
・ Carelessly sharing personal information such as your real name, workplace, address etc.
You may be at risk of extortion, stalking, intimidation, misuse of personal information, or exposure to acquaintances.
・ Be careful if offered a job, investment opportunities, asked to attend a seminar, etc.
It may be a tactic to get you involved in scams, MLM/pyramid schemes, etc.
・ Introduction to other parties without going through the club
Again, this carries the risk of being involved in MLMs, scams etc.
・ Forced membership withdrawal
・ Sharing any personal information obtained through the club with third parties (including other members or non-members)
・ Harassment, hateful conduct, pestering another for favours and money

All are in violation of our club rules.

Universe Club does not tolerate any criminal activity, including voyeurism, drunk driving, underage drinking, illegal drug usage, fraud, and theft.
If any criminal activity is discovered, we will cooperate fully with police investigations.

If there is a rule violation or criminal activity
Please contact the club.

Business hours 11: 00-20: 00

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