The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


We are looking for partners in Singapore

We are looking for partners in Singapore


For the launching of our Singapore branch,

we are wondering if anyone or any company would be interested in helping out.


Looking for partners in two patterns

1, Partner as a company

We let your company run the business in Singapore under our free backup


2, Partner as an individual

Japan head office is going to invest. We let you run the company as a director under our free backup, with stock option


Our Dating Club is:

sugar dating has been getting popular, A service that is not like any online dating app, but a dating club for exclusive members only!

For the longest time this was capable for Japan only. However..

We are trying to expand overseas now!


The dating scene has expanded into new and exciting experiences

that makes life changing moments that you can only get in this business.

Sugar dating has become popular and continues to grow.


Please let us know if there is anyone or any company who would like to join us.


6 thoughts on “We are looking for partners in Singapore”

  1. Muhammad Najib Najib Abdullah says:

    I am interested but have no capital to started any business.

  2. yu li says:

    How to join as individual from singapore?

    1. RYUICHIUEDA says:

      As I sent you on E-Mail though,
      If you want as a partner, let me know on email.
      If you want as a member in Singapore branch, it would be going to be launched at around April. If there is interested in it still, send us email

      our email address is :

      Thank you.

  3. Alan says:

    We are running a social networking app in Singapore and its a very revolutionary app. We already have 150 female members and we are now looking for male members to join in. Perhaps there is a way that we can collaborate together for our businesses? Please let me know.


  4. Smith says:

    How about Inidia? I can help to start in India.

    1. RYUICHIUEDA says:

      Thank you for your interest in our club.
      I replied to your email address but it seems the email address was miss spelling if you saw this please message me again .

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