The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


UC online dating

UC online dating


What is UC online dating?

This is a videophone date using the Zoom app.
You can use it if you can secure the internet environment and a quiet place.

App Store (for iPhone)

Google Play (for Android)

* Please be sure to download by the day.

~ Flow of the day ~
① The staff on the day will contact you for confirmation, so please prepare your time well.
② We will send the URL for participation the day before, so please join us 5 minutes before the promise on the day.
③ When you join, you will be taken to the name input screen, please enter your registered club name.
④Male and female members will give a brief explanation at the same time.
⑤The staff will leave immediately, so please enjoy [30 minutes online date].

・ Please note that we do not accept any extension of time.
・ If setting is difficult due to line trouble, consult with the branch in charge.
・ If you are going outside, please stay in a quiet place to avoid audio problems.
・ When using at home, please pay special attention to your family and those who live together.
・ Please make sure you are alone when you date.
・ Prohibiting the transmission of URLs to others, or the use of recordings, recordings, and screenshots is prohibited.
・ Normal transportation expenses (5,000 yen to 10,000 yen) do not occur, but you can freely exchange contact information.
・ If you meet after an online date, the club will not be liable because the club rules are not applied.
・ Please discuss the conditions etc. together before dating.
・ To prevent personal identification, please make sure that anything you identify on the screen is not reflected.

[Convenient to know before online dating]
・ Participation from desktop PC and notebook PC is possible, too.
・ It is recommended that the camera position of the smartphone or PC is fixed at a distance of about 1 m from yourself and that the angle be held from above.
・ If you are tired of holding a smartphone forever, it is convenient to have a stand.
・ Please prepare your own drink.
・ In the case of a mutual agreement, you may leave within 30 minutes at the same time.
-No need to worry about the public at the meeting place. Also, you don’t need to worry about direction noise.
・ It is recommended that you avoid using your real name, such as initials.
・ Speakers can make it difficult to hear or pick up sounds around you, so if you have an earphone microphone or headset, you can immerse yourself in it.
・ Although it is online dating, be careful about your appearance and make a good impression on your partner.

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