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Rules Change: No Cash Payments

Rules Change: No Cash Payments


Hi there.
This is Ryu from UC.
We have a announcement to make.

There is going to be a change in the Payment options starting 2018/4/1(Sun).

As you see in the title, we will stop accepting cash payments from now on.

We will change this for more smooth service, ensuring transparency to the company, and to reduce operational responsibility for the staffs.
The detail for this change follows as below.

Starting: 4/1(Sun)

Settlement type: Membership Fee, Annual Fee, Arrangement Fee, Points Deposit and other payment to the club.

Possible settlement method: Credit Card(3rd Party merchant service), Bank Transfer, or Cash payment from ATM

*If you are a member and insists on making payment in cash please consult with the staff.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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