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This is Reina Katsunaka

Dear All of UC members.This is Reina Katsunaka. Hope you all are enjoying beautiful summer in Japan or elsewhere in the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every UC customers for your patient and dealing with me past 2 years. It'...

Posted on 2016/8/11

We made a Twitter account!

Hi everyone! My name is Ryu Kanamori one of the staff in Universe Club International Division. It is getting really hot this summer isn`t it? It would be really nice if I could have a time like the picture above... Well enough with the daydream...

Posted on 2016/7/12

Regarding Universe Club`s E-mail Failure

To our valuable members, Hello, this is Kida reperesentative of Universe Club. From around 4/12(Tue) at 21:00 we had a system failure for our e-mail server. Becasue of that we were not able to correspond to the e-mail that we received from at that ...

Posted on 2016/4/14

Special Offer for UC member!

Dear Universe Club Members, We would like to introduce our sister company "Made in Japan" to you all. Made in Japan is a high-class escort service in Tokyo servicing all 23 wards, additionally Narita and Yokosuka. Exclusively for foreign g...

Posted on 2016/3/7

Gift from our male member!

What a wonderful gift we received!! Thank you Mr. H !! What a surprised! Our male member Mr. H gave us this my favorite sweet! We all shared with Tokyo staff and everyone was very happy~! It's been a really cold outside but the warm gift like this...

Posted on 2016/1/26

Souvenir from Male member!

Thank you Mr. C ! We shared this gourmet macaron with Tokyo staff! What a surprise we had from our male member!  He contacted us and brought a box of macaron for us! It was soo sweet for him to doing such thing! :)  We all enjoyed them! Thank you ...

Posted on 2016/1/16

Black class upgrade

Thank you very much for sticking with us and your support. We have announced about a limitation of Black class upgrade the other day but now it's ready to resume the upgrading now. There will be a screening for the candidate who like to upgrade to ...

Posted on 2015/10/16

Announcement: Black upgrade limitation

Dear UC Members, Thank you very much for taking a time to check this column. This is Kida and am struggling to lose some weight this summer...smh This is an important announcement for those who are considering to upgrading a class. We are lim...

Posted on 2015/9/3