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Notice to all members

Thank you very much for using our service. There is going to be Member’s Page server maintenance from the time and date listed below. Within the time below there is going to be 1 minute that you will not be able to use the service 1 time. Main...

Posted on 2018/8/3

New Female Members in June, 2018

We had 895  new female members and 20 new international members in June! Tokyo: 281 Nagoya: 94 Fukuoka: 39 Sapporo: 39 Osaka: 149 Sendai: 26 Yokohama: 90 Kyoto: 32 Chiba: 46 Kobe: 21 Hiroshima: 18 Okinawa: 13 International: 20 Total A...

Posted on 2018/7/2

New Male Members in June, 2018

  We had 138 gentlemen registered to our club in May. For international, We have 3 gentlemen enrolled to our club! Tokyo: 60 Nagoya: 6 Fukuoka: 8 Sapporo: 8 Osaka: 18 Sendai: 2 Yokohama: 8 Kyoto: 7 Omiya: 7 Chiba: 2 Kobe: 6 Hiroshim...

Posted on 2018/7/2

New Female Members in May, 2018

We had 713 new females registered to our club in May 2018.   Tokyo Branch:220 Nagoya Branch:80 Fukuoka Branch:26 Sapporo Branch:34 Osaka Branch:135 Sendai Branch:28 Yokohama Branch:55 Kyoto Branch: 25 Omiya Branch:48 Chiba Bra...

Posted on 2018/6/1

New Male Members in May, 2018

We had 97 gentlemen registered to our club in May.   Tokyo Branch:35 Nagoya Branch:8 Fukuoka Branch:14 Sapporo Branch:4 Osaka Branch:14 Sendai Branch:1 Yokohama Branch:3 Kyoto Branch:5 Omiya Branch:1 Chiba Branch:2 Kobe Branc...

Posted on 2018/6/1

Japan Side Website is renewed.

Hello there, The Japan side of Universe Club renewed their website for customers to use it conveniently. They are going to updates information and pictures for customers. The top page of URL is same, but other pages of URLs are all changed. So...

Posted on 2018/5/18

New Male Members in April, 2018

We had 105 gentlemen registered to our club in April. International Branch:4 Sapporo Branch:1 Sendai Branch:4 Omiya Branch:2 Chiba Branch:0 Tokyo Branch:28 Yokohama Branch:8 Nagoya Branch:16 Kyoto Branch:4 Osaka Branch:20 Kobe Branch...

Posted on 2018/5/8

New Female Members in April, 2018

We had 689 new females registered to our club in April 2018.   Sapporo Branch:24 Sendai Branch:18 Omiya Branch:42 Chiba Branch: 22 Tokyo Branch:235 Yokohama Branch:58 Nagoya Branch :71 Kyoto Branch:34 Osaka Branch:106 Kobe Branch:...

Posted on 2018/5/8

Rules Change: No Cash Payments

Hi there. This is Ryu from UC. We have a announcement to make. There is going to be a change in the Payment options starting 2018/4/1(Sun). As you see in the title, we will stop accepting cash payments from now on. We will change this for ...

Posted on 2018/4/2

New feature installed

To our male members Hi this is Ryu from UC intl Div. I here want to inform that we are going to install a new feature to the male member`s page.   The new feature is going to be "Profile Information". ・Desktop version member`s pag...

Posted on 2018/2/21

System failure information (1/22 20:00 update)

Updated 1/22 around 20:00 Email and phones is connected and the hatred phenomenon was solved. We apologize for the inconvenience. Posted 1/22 around 16:00 Since Tokyo is snowing and problem of lightning, we have problems of email and phone conne...

Posted on 2018/1/22

New contact information- Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger We have added a new app to our system for new coming customers to contact us easily. We will be using Facebook Messenger as another new way of contacting us. Here is our account below. Facebook Messenger ID:

Posted on 2017/12/14