The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


New Campaign for March

New Campaign for March


Hi everyone,

This is Ryu from UC.
We wanted to inform that there is going
to be a new campaign for March!

For the new service we will do
in March is going to be ONLINE DATING.

I bet there were people that thought wow, people with question marks, or thought we are doing something weird again.

Let me explain.

To make everything easy to understand,
our normal date is meeting in person but this time it is a video date online.
Of course the staff will support your date to connect with the female members.

Using other apps you have to text and set a date for your self.
But even you send a message and meet the girl, there is time that chemistry do not match and the date becoms a disaster…
Have you had that experience?

Well this time UC will give you a opportunity to prevent that from happening!
We will set up a online date for you to check the chemistry before meeting them in person!

For the online dating the setting fee will be half of the usual price!

Meeting in person you will have to pay for the restaurant, hotel (if everything goes well), transportation fee etc.
But this time we will give you 30min to talk to the girl and you will get a chance to check the chemistry and negotiate before seeing each other in person.

30min might sound a little but trust me.
It is enough time to check the chemistry and communicate through online video chat.

Want to know more about UC online dating?
Please click HERE for details.

Below is the detailed information for the campaign

From 11:00 2020/3/1 (Sun) to 19:00 2020/3/31 (Tue) until date start”

-For Black and Platinum class male members.
-Online dating will be adjusted between 11:00 and 19:00.
-On the day, the staff will coordinate so that the two can meet smoothly.

Setting fee: half price
Standard- 20,000 yen → 10,000 yen
Gold- 30,000 yen → 15,000 yen
Platinum- 50,000 yen → 25,000 yen
Black- Tokyo, Osaka, International (Singapore / Taiwan) 100,000 yen → 50,000 yen
/ Other Branch 80,000 yen → 40,000 yen

【How to apply】
1. Please make an offer from the “Request Setting” button on the member page.
2. Enter “Online Dating Campaign” in “Meeting Place and other comments” section.
3. Fill in the other necessary information and click the “Save and Continue” button to apply.
* If you are offered directly via LINE, e-mail, or telephone, be sure to tell us that it is for Online dating.

・ Download of exclusive application is necessary.
・ If the Internet environment makes setting difficult, we will reschedule.
・ If rescheduling is difficult, we will refund by points.
・ Refunds are not accepted after the date is confirmed.
・ It is not possible to change to an online date for the currently determined settings.
・ You cannot change to online dating after you have decided on a regular date.
・ If you wish to go online, please use a quiet place to avoid problems such as difficulties in hearing.
・ When setting, please be sure to work alone.
・ Prohibiting the transmission of URLs or using screenshots is prohibited.
・ If a line trouble occurs during WEB setting, please call the branch in charge.
・ Please note that the amount of communication may be expensive depending on your smartphone subscription plan.
・ Please note that women may decline online dating.
・ We will limit the number of settings and time per day for each branch. Therefore, it may not be possible to set the date and time you want.
・ Platinum class at the time of offer but changed to Gold class at the time of date cannot be set.
・ Even if the date is decided within the membership period, if the membership period expires on the date, the setting cannot be accepted.
・ On-line dating does not incur the normal rules of transportation expenses (5,000 to 10,000 yen).
・ If you meet after online dating, the universe rules will not be applicable. Please discuss the conditions etc. together and date.
・ Cannot be combined with other campaigns.