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Announcement: Black upgrade limitation

Announcement: Black upgrade limitation


Dear UC Members,

Thank you very much for taking a time to check this column.
This is Kida and am struggling to lose some weight this summer…smh
This is an important announcement for those who are considering to upgrading a class.

We are limiting Black class upgrade this September.

Upgrading to Black class costs 300,000yen. We are happy to know more gentlemen are interested to upgrading Black class in past several month. Now I’d like to limit Black class upgrade since we have a limited number of Black female members except Tokyo brunch and other matter.

About the other matter…
We hear from some Black class male members that “Black class service seems not treated equally among Black members. ” Now I checked with all of staff and notice that “They are not catching up with tasks since the PC system for that matter is not sufficient enough to support them.” I am putting this matter as a priority issue and renovating the system to the best for Black members.
I decided to take the action at this time and like to have at least one month to take care of this matter.

It might take longer than a month. Also I am planning to continue to limit Black class upgrade in the future.

I apology for any inconvenience we cause you at this time.
We are going to keep you updated as it progress.

Also, I have other announcement that I like to share with you.

1. I’d like to throw the [Off gathering with staff] near future. This is the casual gathering among male members and US staffs to share the thought/ experience/ and other. I am expecting 5 male members to join at this time.

2. We created a graph to show you the female classified with ratio. We are going to classify female members accommodating with the ratio.



Please forgive me for announcing you not so much fun info instead of a story of my life. lol Hopefully the next announcement can make you smile/laugh!


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