The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International




Greetings from our C.E.O

Thank you very much for visiting our website from the many Sugar Dating services available today. I want to say hello to everyone from Universe Club representative, Satoshi Kida.

I want to express the benefits of using Sugar Dating clubs on this site.

In a couple of words, “heart-pounding and heartwarming feelings” is the key to highest satisfaction.

I want to ask the Sugar Babies in search of a Sugar Daddies if you recently felt any “heart-pounding” or “heartwarming” emotions lately?

The movie watched on the first date with a girl, swimsuit sun tan marks on the body and the scent of the sea on a summer day with a sweet and sour taste when you kissed for the first time.

Universe Club provides a service to our registered Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies “The feeling of excitement by meeting people”.

Why not have a memory of a heart-pounding exciting moment again? We aim for the best practice (the most efficient way) to experience that moment.

I want to keep relations with customers as analogue as possible as it is something that an AI can’t do compared to humans, and the rest systematic.
Utilizing the Internet, we aim for the shortest and best meeting process.

It takes courage to join a dating club.
But only those who can take that step can change their life into dreams that come true.

Regarding Sugar Dating clubs and mistresses

We are the first line in setting the first date to Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in Universe Club.

We are the first line in scheduling the first date to Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in Universe Club.

Some people may feel Sugar Dating clubs are sketchy and are illegal, but this is not the case.
We make sure that only decent people register in our club.

What features are you looking for to join a Sugar Dating club? I think it’s a mistress.
I interpret this as the definition of a mistress. “It’s a Saffle that gives you benefits”. The relationship between two people of different ages and annual incomes happily interact with each other, however, do not expect marriage.

And if you compare the mistress to something, isn’t it like a sea urchin?

There was a passage in a manga about the mistress.
“I didn’t know sea urchin when I was a kid, but when I became an adult, it was delicious, and I didn’t want to end my life not knowing how delicious this was. Isn’t meeting a mistress the same?”

Universe Club would like for people, who do not want regrets in their lives to join, and not regret a one-time life experience and live a life with love and romance.
Even if you don’t join our Sugar Dating club, there is no obstacle to having a healthy normal life.
But I feel it’s more valuable to spend five years with loved ones than to have 50 years without love.
Mistresses, affairs, prostitution, diplomatic relationships, and so on. These words are spoken in the same line.
However, we are working relentlessly clarify the differences in mistress matching.
The mistress is wonderful as its name suggests.
But the associated risks are also significant. We want to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits of a Suga Dating service, Universe Club.

Universe Group
C.E.O Satoshi Kida