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Date Feedback from the women

Date Feedback from the women

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:±0/Manners:±0

    calm, good manner gentlemen.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    The gentleman was shy but intelligent with good manners . I enjoyed conversations with him as he talks softly.

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:±0/Manners:+1

    First time for me to use the “letter” service for arranging a date. Me and the gentleman smoothly discussed the preferred place and time for the upcoming date. The first impression of the gentleman that he is polite and also able to speak to my mother tongue, which surprised me. Looking forward to meet and talk to him

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    I didn’t know what to expect, that was my first ever date with an Italian gentlemen. We had so many similarities, I was surprised. He cares about his appearance, have a positive attitude and the date was so enjoyable thanks to his personality

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    The gentleman is cheerful, easy to talk to, and looks 10 years younger than his actual age! It was very light interaction ✨

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    I’m very pleased to say that I really enjoyed the time with the gentleman, he is a very interesting and kind man. I hope to see you again.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    I liked the gentleman so much! He is so talkative with perfect English and outstanding polite manners! He was worried if I like the restaurant and the food. We had a great conversational evening and I would love to meet with this charming man again

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    The gentleman was very nice and polite and honest. His English is good and we had nice conversations, he likes healthy lifestyle and is quite fit. The only downside is that he cannot be seen in public places so the restaurant and hotel were very secluded and simple. But I don’t mind it, I actually appreciated his honesty about his marriage. I would see him again.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    A pleasant evening! Considering the age difference, we found a lot of common interests, I was pleasantly surprised and liked his gentleman attitude and talkative character

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    I don’t know how the words can describe how kind and generous Mr. Hayashida was! I’m so grateful to life to have the opportunity to have met such a kind person as he is! For me Mr. Hayashida is a true example of a true Gentleman, of a true Man, written with capital letter! The example of how a man should treat his woman! I will always value the beautiful memories of our short, but very precious time together in wonderful Fukuoka...

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    The overall experience was good. He was nicely dressed and picked a very nice restaurant that I wanted to come to for a very long time. His English is good and he traveled to many places. However, when it came to a next after dinner part, he wasn’t very clear on where we going, I think gentleman should say it more directly so a female knows they are going to hotel. Also his taxi allowance was only ¥5,000 which is okay but not very generous. Then when he asked about the next part and I asked for just a bit more allowance than usual he tried to negotiate which isn’t so nice.

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:±0