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Date Feedback from the women

Date Feedback from the women

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Was a complete gentlemen and had a lot of interesting stories to share.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Nice, genuine, gentlemen

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was such a gentleman He have very good manners and kind. He is very talkative and we had a very good time Our date went perfectly and I think he is perfect member for your club

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    We share a lot of points of view. Interesting date.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    Nice meeting. We could enjoy a good meal and a good time. The man seemed very confident.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    A very gentle and nice man, although I could feel he was a bit nervous. Good experience overall.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+1

    Neat, clean gentleman and he even pick me up at entrance after receiving my call. Although he is already seated.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    Very nice gentleman. He couldn't speak English but as I can speak Japanese fluently, it wasn't really a big deal. On the contrary, we could exchange a lot including about our cultural differences. The restaurant chosen by the gentleman was excellent as well.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    オンラインデートをセッティングしていただきありがとうございました。日本語が伝わらない部分もありましたが多少英語が聞き取れるのでよかったです^^ またよろしくお願いいたします。 (Translated) Thank you for setting the online date. I was not able to completely communicate in Japanese but was able to enjoy the online date using my broken English^^ Hope to hear from you next time!

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    I did enjoy the time with the gentleman’s accompany, we’ve chatted for hours, though my Japanese is hardly at communicational level, I’m grateful that he shown respect and patience to me.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    The overall date was good but he was a bit unprepared because he didn’t choose any restaurant so we were walking for a while to find a place. His English was decent but we couldn’t talk on many topics. He asked me to “enjoy together” after dinner but I had to decline because he’s only in Tokyo for one night and I didn’t feel attracted to him at all. But he was nice and gave me an allowance at the end.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    The dinner was fabulous and gentleman was polite and gentle . Overall, we had a great time