The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International

Date Feedback from the women

Date Feedback from the women

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:±0/Manners:±0

    It was the first date from the club. I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous at the beginning (before we met). Afterward it felt like being on a regular date with a man. Nice experience, I expected much worse things, I am glad, my expectations were not implemented. He was repeating how horny he is because of me, so probably I should change the type of dating from B type to C or D. I am thinking about this now

  • Total:+2 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+2/Manners:+1

    My date was spectacular! The gentleman was very polite and we had a nice conversation. I learned about him and we shared some cultural facts from our home countries. I would definitely have a second date with him.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:±0/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was very nice and a real gentleman and very easy and fun to talk to! He seemed like a smart, hardworking, and honest gentleman. It was a casual dinner yet I had a really great time.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was very respectful and caring about my dietary restrictions.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was nice

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:±0/Manners:+1

    he’s friendly!

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Richard is a very kind and nice gentleman. I enjoyed my lunch date with him. We had many in common and we talked a lot about each other experiences. He is well groomed and he have good table manners.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    The date was great! His English was much better than expected, he was polite and we shared great food and lots of conversations. His allowance was more than expected and he didn’t ask anything inappropriate. I hope to meet him soon again.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    He was a very funny person to talk with. He is interesting, he knows how to keep a conversation.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was a very fun and communicative gentleman. He is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Due to his work he has been traveling a lot and he has many interesting stories to tell, which I enjoyed listening too. It was also fun to share our opinions on more deeper topics such as politics and social issues. He knows a lot about traditional Japanese cuisine, which I personally did not even know existed, and which I am very keen on trying out now that I learned of it. I had a great time talking to him. Overall he has made a very good first impression.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    He arrived 15 minutes late, however once we met, had a great time. He seemed a little shy but he was able to keep the conversation going. He was very funny. We continued back to the room and already plan to meet again next week.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Was a complete gentlemen and had a lot of interesting stories to share.