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Date Feedback from the men

Date Feedback from the men

  • Total:±0 Appearance:+2/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+1

    The Lady was good to chat for one time to know the experiences and future goals however it was a pleasant experience for one time

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her face features ・Read and liked her comment ・Read and liked the club comment ・She was recommended by a staff

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    She was a lovely woman who works out a lot and is extremely beautiful. She speaks great English and is fun to be with. She loves the beach, surfing, cooking, traveling. Overall a bit expensive but worth it.

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her face features ・Liked her body style ・Liked her personality and character

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:±0/Manners:±0

    Silent lady but a good person. It was a quick date finished in an hour, but within expectation of first date due to information was given in her profile.

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her body style ・Read and liked the club comment

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:-1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    She was very lovely, likeable and affable. Unfortunately, her english ability was not conversational but more basic. It made the evening awkward and uncomfortable. We did our best to make do with phone translation to carry on a basic conversation. She was a good sport about it and had a great attitude to make the evening dinner enjoyable. She had nice manners, etiquette and would be nice companion to anyone that can speak nihongo...

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her face features ・She shares the same hobbies ・Her private photos looked good ・Decided with her dating type ・Decided with her occupation

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:-1/Personality:-1/Manners:±0

    She arrived 10 minutes late as she was unable to locate the restaurant. She looked nice and conversation was fine. She stated early on in the dinner that she was only looking for social dinners and conversations to improve herself. I was taken aback by this, as that would suggest a TYPE A or TYPE B. I was never asked anything about my reasons to be in the club, what I was looking for or anything of the the sort. I was a complete gentleman and was sincerely looking for her intentions by being in this dating club. She stated that she wanted to improve her english skills and gain more social experience as her friend was also a member and suggested this was a good way to do that, get money and dinners. She also mentioned that she had a japanese boyfriend but they could only meet a few times a month so she had free time to meet people in this club to improve herself, have dinners and get money. All standard responses I would believe to "politely" tell me that they would not be interested in a genuine arrangement. Never knowing their true intentions for joining, I would not recommend this girl to any other members, unless her dating type is changed. At a minimum, her type should be changed to TYPE B, but really it seemed to be a TYPE A. She mentioned a previous date with another member but she said he was too old. Jokingly, I asked, Too old for what as its just dinner, transportation allowance and conversation, she just smiled then stated she needed money for cosme and fashion shopping. All in all, a disappointing date, a complete waste of my time and money.

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her face features ・Liked her body style ・Liked her personality and character ・Read and liked her comment ・Decided with her dating type ・Decided with her preference for drinking and smoking

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    I think girls like this are what make the club so special. She was lovely and I had a very enjoyable time.

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her face features ・Liked her body style ・Read and liked the club comment ・Decided her from the video clip

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    ★Reasons for the date request
    ・Liked her body style ・Read and liked the club comment ・Her date request details (Prefered time and venues) aligned with mine.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:±0/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Finally after 4 dates someone with relatively normal financial expectations. So a pleasant date all round.

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:+1

    Very nice lady unfortunately of higher value than I was willing to pay. So the date ended without any intimacy.

  • Total:-2 Appearance:-2/Experience:-2/Personality:±0/Manners:±0

    Complete waste of my time and money. Girl was not conversational whatsoever. Who is rating their english skills? Met her at the appointed time but girl had the worst body odor immediately killing the mood. She also showed up in T-shirt and jeans which was just an insult. She has also gained more weight from the pictures that are displayed on the web. The date was painful to say the least and I was anxious to get it over with and I suspect she did too due to her inability to communicate with me. Her english skills were basic at best. Spent the whole date using a translation app which just sucked. Thanks UC!

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Very lovely, cute conversationalist that I had the pleasure of meeting for dinner. She was adorable, humorous, intelligent and not afraid to exchange opinions. She had excellent manners, was on time and dressed appropriately. Dinner was well over two hours where time was lost due to an enjoyable evening. Contact info exchanged and further dates planned. Thank you

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Beautiful and adorable girl. Despite lack of language abilities on both sides, serious effort and great care was given by her to make the date a success. Personable, affable, respectful, kind, gentle and lovely disposition made our evening very nice. She took a sincere interest in me and it felt genuine. Contact info exchange and already planning to meet again. Great attitude, looks and personality.