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The 3 factions we cherish in Universe Club

Honesty Transparency Devotion

The values all the staff have in Universe Club

Be diverse

It is the reason why you joined Universe Club.

Try and improve

If you have an idea, try it first. If you fail, your boss will take responsibility.

Be humble

We are not highly praised. Do not be miss led when you are told you are at the top of the industry.

Someone who does the troublesome work that someone should do is neat and cool

The subordinates finalize the settings coolly while the superiors take care of any troubles.

Bowing to your superior and intimidating assistants is uncool

Tell the boss what needs to be said. Be gentle and polite to your subordinates.

Earn by good deeds than corrupted ways

No one will deceive or do anything illegal.

Long-term trust over short-term sales

Kill the urge to get a setting fee by lying.

Respect the members by showing results

Thank the members by giving out improved service qualities.

Be human, don’t just follow the manuals

Don’t hide behind the rules.

Be proud of working in a company recognized by society

Our job is a highly social contributing service that coordinates the encounter between men and women.