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Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Hi this is Ryu.

How is everyone doing?
Are you
It has been really cold recently…
The other day it snowed soooooo hard in Tokyo that most of the transportation was not operating…

I was off that day tho! lol

When this kind of stuff happens we do tell the girls to be aware.
But sometimes they call us right before the date saying “The train stopped and I can`t make it in time”…
We tell them “Why didn`t you tell us this morning?”, it is a promise so we want to tell us earlier.
The gentlemen also opened up their schedule to meet the female too so if the female could tell us earlier then we might be able to find someone else.

Well there is reasons why the girls cancel but it is always better to let us know earlier. (Sorry for the rant again…)

Posted by on 2018/1/24