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What kind of fetish…???

What kind of fetish…???

Hi This is Shelly Fujioka again. Hope everyone is having great time.

I want to talk about bit about ‘fetish’ today.
So.. what kinds of fetish do you have?
There must be a lots fetish around, like breasts fetish (it’s most men, I think) buttocks fetish,( our manager ) leg fetish, smell fetish, ankles fetish (it’s bit different..) maybe hair fetish, collarbone fetish elbow fetish??
It is definitely normal that you have certain fetish.

… By the way I am ‘nose’ and ‘voice’ fetish.

Now Universe club has a lots branches, main office is located in Tokyo, Tokyo branch and local branches are from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
Even though you become a member in Tokyo, you could see and make offers to various Japanese girls from Hokkaido to Okinawa.So if you have bit unique fetish, do not worry you could find your favorite girl!



Compare to normal escort services, there are similar types of ladies at escort service, but HERE there are many different types of Japanese girls in our dating club.

You are never bored as a being our member of our dating club! We guaranteed.

I really hope your weekend will be wonderful.


Best wishes,

Shelly Fujioka

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