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Universe Club’s contribution to the Corona situation

Universe Club’s contribution to the Corona situation

The Coronavirus situation is becoming more critical every day with ever-rising numbers of people being infected.

Universe Club will do its part in the stay home campaign as well as sensible management not to spread the virus.

In February, our CEO Kida sent out a company-wide work revision notice stating that all scheduled dates must be canceled until the following details have been confirmed:

  1. – A temperature check will be required before the date.
  2. – The date must be at venues without the contact of the broad public, such as restaurants with private booths where there is limited contact.
  3. – Gentlemen that have come into Japan will require to wait for 14 days before they are allowed to confirm any date requests.

The statement also included risk management for the employees:

  1. – Employees will work from home online as much as possible and will only come to the office when deemed necessarily by there superiors.
  2. – Any employee that is seen with the symptoms of coughing or has a fever over 37.5° will be submitted to go for a checkup and to work from home regardless.
  3. – Employees meeting with outside sources will be required to wear masks.
  4. – Disinfection with alcohol will be required at least three times a day at the office.

We have shifted all most all our work online, with just a few accounting work details still at our main office in Tokyo.

We were one of the few services that shifted working at the office to working from home in February, with no counts of any staff in any branch, including our Singapore and Taiwan branches being infected by the Coronavirus.

Two months into working from homes, so far, there has been limited trouble with online dates that have been resolved without any recurring problems, and company services running smoothly for the main part.

We would like to let all members know we are doing our best to keep on providing the best quality service as always.

Precautions measures have been taken for all guests to our branches for interviews and meetings. In addition, all departments are operating accordingly to the local government guidelines.

Universe Club will continue providing the heartwarming and exciting experience found only with Sugar Dating.

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Posted by on 2020/4/13