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Top 3 Complaints from the Sugar daddy members

Top 3 Complaints from the Sugar daddy members

Lately I stopped watching TV since all they talk about is corona,
deaths, and all the negative stuff out there…
Literally it is no fun watching those.

I rather watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or porn to keep my mind happy.
All the info I need is online so who needs TV broad cast?

Since I wrote the Top 3 complaints from the sugar baby,
maybe now I should write about what I hear the most from the guys too.

No.3 The girl did not talk at all

I know the girls are nervous and its hard to make conversation.
But the gentleman is paying for all the food, drinks, and maybe for presents.
I think it is the girls responsibility to at least have conversation with the gents since he might be your potential sugar daddy in the future.

Maybe the gentleman is talking about himself too much and there is no space for the girl to talk.
For the gents it is best to dig up some topic that will interest the girl too to have a good time.
Girls tend to like gents that is a good listener too.
Lets listen to your potential sugar baby to enjoy your time.

No.2 The girl did not say any thing or no message after the date.

As I said before the gentleman is planning to have a good time within their busy time.
A little appreciation is really nice.
Just one message saying “Thank you for the dinner!” will make the gentleman`s day!
Great way to make your sugar daddy to love you!

Or maybe the girl really did not have a great time that made them don`t want to talk to the gent.
Be kind lady first person and treat them with respect and the date should be the time of your life!

No.1 Her dating type was different

To the potential sugar babies, please do not lie about your dating types! 🙁
Just because you do not have offers that does not mean you can change your dating type often.
The date will go smoother when you are honest.
If you are going to decline there is not problem. Just tell the gent what you are feeling.
Its like someone telling you you will get a nice diamond but in the end of the day, you are just receiving a glass ball…

To the gents there is a chance that you are scaring the girls.
When they freak out, they won`t tell you what they are feeling.
As I said in the other topic, be kind lady first and treat them with respect and the date should be fine.

For conclusion for both potential sugar daddy and sugar baby,
all they have to do is treat each other with respect and do not rush things too much.
Being honest is the best way to have a great time.

Thanks for reading this blog.



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