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Top 3 complaints from the Sugar baby members

Top 3 complaints from the Sugar baby members

You know right now the virus pandemic is hitting everywhere.
I hope everyone is safe and sound.

In Japan you cant buy any toilet paper anywhere.
You literally have to go for a pharmacy tour to get a roll…
In the end my family saved me and now I can wipe my butt without paper running out.

Well enough with the toilet talk.

Lately I took care of some trouble that happened in some dates.
Here is the top 3 complaints we get.

#3 The guy did not use protection

I am a guy so I understand that you want to feel good…
But hey there is manners to having sex…

If you want the girl to have a long relationship with you,
please be more like a gentleman and use protection.
This will also protect your sugar baby and also you.
Manners guys, manners…

#2 The date was over 6 hours

OK, I understand that you want to spend time with the girl.
But if you were a nice sugar daddy you will think about her and save more fun for later.
Japanese girls can`t say no so they end up complaining to us.

Usual meal date is 2 hours, if something else happens after is another 2 hours. Total 4 hours is the best time for a single date.

Being ladies first is the best way to get to the goal.

#1 Transportation not paid

One and only the main complaint is the gentleman not giving the transportation fee.
It is the clubs rule…
Giving gift is not transportation fee.
Buying something for the sugar baby is not it too.

The best way is you should just put Mr. Yukichi (the dude on 10,000yen bill) in a small envelope and just give it to your sugar baby when you meet at the meeting location.

In the end we just want both the sugar daddy and sugar baby to have a safe and sound date.
Be cool and smart is the best way to grab your babies heart.

I know this virus thing is giving you guys hard time to meet with people so we are also doing online date campaign for March so please do not loose the chance to see our sugar babies.

Thanks for reading this long blog.



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