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The Top 6 Most Appreciated Presents from a Japanese Sugar Daddy

The Top 6 Most Appreciated Presents from a Japanese Sugar Daddy

We understand that gift giving is hard in general, but it can be even harder for people who have sugar babies to buy for. The very nature of sugar dating revolves around exchanging gifts and cash. For a Japanese sugar daddy, getting a gift wrong or forgetting to give a gift could turn out to be a disaster in the making.

To help you along the way, we have consulted with some of our professional sugar babies and put this gift giving guide together for you.

Presents with a Personal Touch

It is safe to say that our favourite presents are personal ones. There is nothing better than a Japanese sugar daddy who listens to what we have to say in conversation, notices what we need and provides for us based on that.

Depending on how old your sugar baby is and what she does, her needs might be different from the needs of other sugar babies. For example, if your sugar baby is a student, then she might need some books for school or a laptop to study with. Naturally, a student sugar baby would really appreciate gifts like these because they would show her that you are an attentive sugar daddy who understands what she needs.

If your sugar baby ever mentions that she is running out of something or that she would like something in particular, then you should make a mental note of that. Her face will light up when she receives what she wanted and she might be happily surprised that you remembered. Japanese sugar daddy bonus points will definitely be unlocked.

Sexy Lingerie

There isn’t a sugar baby out there who doesn’t like to receive lingerie if she is involved in a sexual relationship with her sugar daddy. If you don’t have a sexual arrangement with your sugar baby, then we would advise that you avoid this section and continue on to the next.

If your relationship is relatively new, then you should also avoid buying sex toys. You should only buy these when you know exactly what your sugar baby likes and doesn’t like because the last thing you want is for a new sugar baby to think that you are a rich pervert, and not a respectable gentleman.

We would advise that you make sure that you know what sizes you should be looking for and only look in high-end stores. If you know that you are going to struggle to find lingerie that your sugar baby will like, then you should consult with a personal shopper.

Beautiful Clothes

Women love clothes, regardless of whether they are sugar babies or not. Sugar babies definitely love clothes! Having said that, clothes are the easiest things to mess up when it comes to gift giving. You could end up choosing a style that your sugar baby doesn’t like, or you might end up getting the sizing wrong.

Once again, we would recommend that you consult with a personal shopper and make sure that you know what size you are looking for. Remember that some women are one size on the top and a completely different size on the bottom. If you want an easier option, then you could buy your sugar baby a pair of nice shoes. Louboutin’s or shoes from any other designer brand could work well. Make sure that you know what size you are looking for.

Expensive Jewellery

Sugar babies are known to love receiving jewellery. You could purchase earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings or anything shiny. Try to avoid gifting jewellery unless it is a special occasion, unless you want your sugar baby to feel like a queen of course.

Keeping up with giving large gifts constantly could become a little bit troublesome further down the line. Most sugar babies expect for their presents to get bigger and a lot will end sugar relationships if they can see that they are receiving less and less from their Japanese sugar daddy. Don’t put yourself into a position where you start by gifting more than you can afford to keep gifting.

Luxury Getaways

There are a lot of sugar babies out there who love to go on holiday with their sugar daddies as often as possible. Not very many sugar babies would turn their nose up at the thought of an adventure, just make sure that they can go with you and that they don’t have any prior engagements. Ask them what their plans are before you book anything.

If you take your sugar baby on holiday, then you should try to make sure that the two of you have time to relax together. Try to enjoy each other’s company. This isn’t just about making your sugar baby happy, it’s about being happy together.


There are definitely sugar daddies out there who mess up when it comes to buying their sugar babies cars. Our advice would be to never buy a car. If you want to get your sugar baby a car, then you should make sure that you lease it.

By leasing a car, you can make sure that you will be able to get your car back if the relationship breaks down. Upgrading leased cars is also relatively inexpensive, meaning that you can surprise your sugar baby as frequently as you want to.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of different presents that you could potentially purchase for your sugar baby. Try to remember that a gift is a gift. If your relationship does break down, then you cannot simply reclaim a gift (cars are a little bit different). Make sure that you pay attention to what your sugar baby likes and doesn’t like, that way, it will be easier for you to handle the gift buying situation.

One last note. If you can’t get help from a personal shopper, or don’t know the exact measurements or preferences of your Japanese sugar baby, schedule a shopping date! If you are Tokyo go for a stroll in Ginza or Daikanyama. For Osaka, maybe somewhere like Umeda or Shinsaibashi would be the best areas to visit.

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