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The feeling of…

The feeling of…

Hi everyone I hope you are all having a great winter so far!

I am not having a great winter it is cold and sometimes I feel like i am going to freeze to death.. This is the lonely Hawaiian writing this blog today.

I was pretty surprised at all the contacts we been getting with my manager Ryu`s blog we are very grateful for this!! Seriously it mean alot to us T_T


Loneliness is pretty big on my end as I am more or less close to a rabbit lol so hopefully I will be seeing some contacts from my clients soon?  Maybe?.. I can try right? lol

To keep me occupied as that is the only time I feel like I am worth something. >< Well when I put it together I am very honored and grateful to have the best clients in the entire world and to have a professional team that always baby sits me!


Posted by on 2018/1/19