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The Climate…

The Climate…


The recent climate changes…

Recently the climate has been going up and down in Japan I don’t know about everyone else but the climate changing constantly has been dealing a lot of fatal damages to me…lol

The picture above is how I look like when the climate changes ESPECIALLY WHEN IT RAINS!! (Constant headaches has been killing me recently)

I can understand if it’s the rainy season but it should be Autumn by now why is it still hot sometimes O_O I think it’s either the end of the world is coming soon or it might just be my lack of keeping my body in check.

I think it may be both….lol regardless if it is the world coming to a near end wouldn’t you want to spend your days with someone instead of being alone or vanishing with the world by yourself?? I would definitely want to be with someone if the world is ending lol…


So you know what that means right? 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you soon so you don’t have to spend your days by yourself but you can spend time with a member of your choosing!

Sorry for all my blabbering thanks for reading my blog regardless though!! 🙂


Posted by on 2019/9/25

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