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My Sugar Dating Experience #3

My Sugar Dating Experience #3

Hi, everyone.


Today, I will write about the man I actually met after contacting several men through the app.


Mr. M:  A 39-year-old married man with 2 kids who owns a construction company in South East Asia

He was looking for a new girlfriend as he broke up with his ex recently, and he was recommended to sign up on a Sugar dating site by his friend.


I got messages from him in the app, but I kind of ignored him because of the following reasons.


・ His face was not my type.

・ His other photos were mostly of the cars, and the photos looked like those cars were someone else’s.

(He told me later that all of the cars actually belong to him.)


But I wanted to talk with as many men as I can to learn about Sugar dating, I replied to him a few days later.


He wanted to communicate via Whatsapp, but since I didn’t want to give him my number, I started to communicate with him via Wechat instead.


From his photos, he didn’t seem to be rich, so I asked him a lot of questions like what he does for a living and etc…  More or less I believed what he said.


He also said that he’d visit Japan for a vacation at the end of the month, so we arranged the time to meet, and I met him for dinner in Tokyo.


He wasn’t so good at speaking English, but through the conversation, I had a feeling that we hit it off well.

During the conversation, we talked about the allowance, how we meet net time and etc…

We decided to meet each other again in Taiwan and he flew me there, after 3weeks of the first meeting. (Of course, he sponsored me with the travel expenses)

We spent two days together and we both got what we wanted, so everything was good.

We talked about meeting again in the Philippines next.


After I came back to Japan, he texted and called me every day as normal couples do, but he was getting into me gradually,  so I got a little overwhelmed and got turned off…

Then when I gave him a bit of the cold shoulder, his texts and phone calls were less than before. 

He probably started contacting other women through the app.

So I decided to look for the new one who is more mature…


In this case, Mr. M happened to visit Japan and I got to meet him in person before the ” arrangement”, so I could trust him and meet him again in Taiwan.

But unfortunately, he was new to sugar dating, so he didn’t how to draw a boundary…

Come to think of it,  I think I could have had a good relationship and flown to meet him every month if I could have handled the situation a little better… oh well…


Thank you for reading and I look forward to receiving comments from you!


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