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Another Concierge from Hawaii

Another Concierge from Hawaii

Staff Introduction

Hi, my name is Ryu Kanamori.

I was born in Japan and raised in Hawaii.

Actually I knew Andy from Hawaii and use to hang out when we used to live there.

He is actually the one who introduced me to work in Universe Club.
I was working in the Hotel industry back then and looking for new opportunity to get paid better. lol

Private Life

On my private side, since I don`t have family like all the other staffs so I go out a lot.

I love to hang out with my friends and go drink most of the times. lol

But lately I have been going to rock events and festivals.

I love music so much that I almost panicked when I couldn`t find my earphones when I was going to work.

Also I just started but other hobby is making silver jewelry on my spare time.

There is a clay where it turns in to silver after you put it in the kiln.
Maybe after getting used to it I might use that as a gift to get a date on my own. lol



It has been 1 year and half since I started to work here.

First there were 3 staffs and then 2, also had a time when I had to run the division by myself. I remember on my 3rd day at work the other 2 staffs had a day off.
That day I had to look over all the e-mails by myself when I didn`t even know what to do… lol

But now we have the interview lover Shelly, the techie Ishida, the all-rounder Andy in the team. I am thankful to have them as our team.

Since I`m the oldest worker in the division, I ended up becoming a manager for the division.

As a manager there is allot of responsibility.
I am trying to make our service safe and enjoyable for all of our male and female. I am very thankful of all the gentlemen and the female members that is with us right now.

Right now we just started a new coming members special campaign.
I am thinking of a another campaign for the member that is with us already.

We will keep you guys posted.

Well thank you very much for reading this blog.

Universe Club International Division
Ryu Kanamori

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