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Snow in Tokyo

Snow in Tokyo

So today it snowed in Tokyo.
It was warm for a couple of days and suddenly this happens…

I am freezing my but off and working from home.
Because of CONVID-19 most of the staff is working from home.
How is everyone doing in this time?
USA, Italy, and more country is locking down…
Japan the government is so slow doing their work,
still people is walking outside and minding their own business.

But the truth is thousands of people is getting infected.
2020 started off with a crisis but we will live through this strong.

Because of the lock down I know it is hard to set up a date with your sugar daddy or sugar baby.
But we came in the conclusion of doing the online date.
It is half price and you will get to know the girl before you meet them.
I think this is really convenient.
You get to stay home, and meet with the girl you want to.
It is killing 2 birds with 1 stone!
Don`t miss out!

Posted by on 2020/3/29