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Short trip to Tokyo

Short trip to Tokyo

Summer has finally started , but what’s up with all those typhoons? I hope you are still having a nice time.

Changing topic : The other day we met a very friendly gentleman , who was highly interested in giving Universe Club a try. It was his first time to Japan , so he had other trips planned as well. He overall just stayed here for about a week.

We had the usual registration interview with him 4 days before his departure , so things had to get settled up quick.We made it so he could meet two girls of his preference.  It was pure coincidence, but one lady has actually been working as a tour guide before. So the date started off with early brunch and after the two got to know each other better , she showed him around Tokyo and they even went on a nice one day trip.

On the day of his departure , the gentleman contacted us ,saying that he is in Ebisu right now and wanted to tell us something very important ,face to face if possible.

We went to meet him at the station and saw that he was completely packed for his departure, keeping big luggage with him. We asked him how the date went and he told us that we granted him one of the most wonderful time he ever had in the last years.

In the end he was so kind to give us these flowers to express his gratitude.


We thank you very much as well !


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