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Online “SUGAR” Dating

Hi everyone, this is Sato from Universe Club. Thank you for your kind attention as always! I really hope you all are surviving from this craziness spreading around the world. Our team is very sad that many of our loyal members had to cancel the ...

Posted by sato nakazawa on 2020/3/20

Top 3 Complaints from the Sugar daddy members

Lately I stopped watching TV since all they talk about is corona, deaths, and all the negative stuff out there... Literally it is no fun watching those. I rather watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or porn to keep my mind happy. All the info I need is...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2020/3/18

Top 3 complaints from the Sugar baby members

You know right now the virus pandemic is hitting everywhere. I hope everyone is safe and sound. In Japan you cant buy any toilet paper anywhere. You literally have to go for a pharmacy tour to get a roll... In the end my family saved me and now...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2020/3/14

【New staff introduction 】

  Hi!  My name is Zoe-Lee ,I am a new staff of Universe Club International team. Please call me Zoe~💚 I came to Tokyo just 2 months ago. I was born in China and currently help gentlemen in Taiwan branch using Chinese. I love tra...

Posted by Lee zoe on 2020/3/7

The Magic of the Kiss

This article was written by one of our most dedicated gentleman members and would like to honour his thoughts by posting it here. It's quite interesting to read how this gentleman thought about a simple but significant act in any love relationship, ...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/1/29

Blood Type personality in Japan

Hi this is Ryu from UC. Did you know I have been working with this company for almost 4 years? To be honest I was thinking of quitting within half a year after I start but as you know I am still here.... The pay is good if you compare to the ...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2020/1/25

Bali Trip 2019

Last month, I was invited to Bali so I asked my friend to go with me and took a week off. (Of course all the expense was covered)   The guy who invited me was an Asian in his mid 40’s. I happened to meet him at a bar in Tokyo which was ru...

Posted by Yuko Matsui on 2019/11/6

Typhoon aftermath

Hi everyone, This is Ryu. Have not written for a while but everyone tells me to write it so I`ll write a blog. There was a really big typhoon that hit Japan the other day. So sorry for the gentleman that had to cancel or reschedule the date...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2019/10/13


I’m going to write where we left off on the last blog.  ② Communication skills Communication skills naturally develop by talking with various people, so if you are not a good talker or don't have things to talk about, you may want to practice at a ...

Posted by Yuko Matsui on 2019/10/10

How To be an Attractive Sugar Baby

If you search "Sugar baby" on the internet in Japan, you’ll end up getting only unrelated search results. So in this article, I will write about things that are useful for women who are looking for a relationship with a Sugar daddy.   First ...

Posted by Yuko Matsui on 2019/10/3

My Broken Mind and Body

My Broken Mind and Body

I would like to talk about some things that have been happening to me for the past few weeks first and for most I think I may be on the verge of a break down soon my body is not healing for some reason... O_O For the past few weeks my nose has...

Posted by Andy Keani on 2019/10/2

My Sugar Dating Experience #3

Hi, everyone.   Today, I will write about the man I actually met after contacting several men through the app.   Mr. M:  A 39-year-old married man with 2 kids who owns a construction company in South East Asia He was looking for a new ...

Posted by Yuko Matsui on 2019/9/28