The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International



Celebrating our 9th anniversary

We would like to thank all our members for their support through this challenging year. As 2020 near its end, we will be entering our 9th year of service, all thanks to our members. We can not thank them enough for their continued support. Wit...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/12/31


Moral and awareness

Keeping Moral Like most of the actions we take in our lives, keeping moral standards intentionally for others is not easy. But if we fail to maintain those standards, there will only be hate that will destroy communications, in turn, will destroy re...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/12/7

Letter date service

While the OnLINE date service is still hot from its launch back in March with requests coming in every day, we would like to offer our members a new dating experience with our unique service called... Letter date! With the ever-growing technolo...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/12/2

Top 5 “Liked” girls – Universe Club Ranking

Thank you for your continued interest in Universe Club. Hope everyone stays well and safe despite these uncertain days.   It has been a while since the last time I wrote an article for this blog. Well, I guess I had a really long summer this year...

Posted by sato nakazawa on 2020/11/28

Go To Date promotion campaign

*This promotion campaign has ended. Thank you very much for your participation. Have you heard of Japan’s initiatives to boost the economy with travel and dining discounts? Go to Travel Go to Eat Universe Club shall also jump on this bandwago...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/11/1

Online Date Campaign + NEW OnLINE date service

Online Date Campaign Extended and the NEW OnLINE service. With the Online date service using "Zoom", we are now introducing the new OnLINE date service using the WhatsApp and LINE app. With the new OnLINE date service, members will be able to use...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/10/30

Universe Club’s BIG 3 feast

Thank you very much for your continued interest and use of Universe Club. Many of you must be feeling anxious and unsettled by the daily coverage of Corona, the cancellation of events, and the restrictions on your private life. We hope that this ...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/5/1

Universe Club’s contribution to the Corona situation

The Coronavirus situation is becoming more critical every day with ever-rising numbers of people being infected. Universe Club will do its part in the stay home campaign as well as sensible management not to spread the virus. In February, our C...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/4/13

Fresh Sugar Babies

Hi everyone! Thank you for your kind attention to our club as always. Hope you all stay safe and well! I wonder how often our members can check the club website. Everyday? Once in a while? Or maybe every single minute? Today, I want to giv...

Posted by sato nakazawa on 2020/4/13

100% free membership! – Register your membership now

  Register and become a member to redeem your total membership payment.   How to redeem your money: 1. Send a request and schedule your introductory meeting with the below link. International Japan Membershp Contact page 2. Me...

Posted by katutaka ishida on 2020/3/30

Snow in Tokyo

So today it snowed in Tokyo. It was warm for a couple of days and suddenly this happens... I am freezing my but off and working from home. Because of CONVID-19 most of the staff is working from home. How is everyone doing in this time? USA, It...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2020/3/29

Money is not the only factor for sugar babies

Hi, this is Ryu again. You guys might be wondering why I`ve been writing a lot of blogs lately. There is only one reason. My boss told me to do so... Yes if there is no order then I do not like writing blogs. I rather set updates and tal...

Posted by Ryu Kanamori on 2020/3/21