The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


Online “SUGAR” Dating

Online “SUGAR” Dating

Hi everyone, this is Sato from Universe Club.
Thank you for your kind attention as always!
I really hope you all are surviving from this craziness spreading around the world.

Our team is very sad that many of our loyal members had to cancel the trip to Japan and to give up on the chances of new encounters.
But safety always comes first.
Please please wash your hand well, super duper well and stay safe!


As everyone can hardly go out these days, our company has started the Online Dating Service.
Did you check it yet?
It will be available only by the end of March.


Let me introduce 3 benefits of this limited time offer for gentlemen*!


1. Save Your Time for New Meetings!
Obviously, no need to go out or book a restaurant.
Once the appointment is confirmed, you will only need to set up your computer or smartphone for it.
Also, it allows saving much time if you don’t feel right with the girl.


2. Save Your Money! The setting fee is 50% off!
You can speak with your favorite girl via the online meeting app with half of the normal setting fee!
Save your money and use it wisely.


3. Meet the Girls World Wide!
This service is not only available to gentlemen who lives in Japan but also for outside of Japan.
(Generally, our whole service is.)
Pick up your favorite out of more than 7000 female members.
It never hurts to have a  chat with your future sugar baby as long as it’s online.


For more details, please visit here.

We believe this will allow you to have a whole new experience of Sugar Dating.
The process is so easy. Please don’t miss Online Dating Service by Universe Club.
Of course, normal date settings are always welcome.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us here.→Universe Club Japan Male Website


Thank you for reading.

We hope to be able to hear from you soon!


*Available only for Platinum and Black members until Tuesday, March 31st starting by 7 PM(Japan Time).


Sato Nakazawa

Universe Club Intl team


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