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New feature installed

New feature installed

To our male members

Hi this is Ryu from UC intl Div.

I here want to inform that we are going to install a new feature to the male member`s page.


The new feature is going to be “Profile Information”.

・Desktop version member`s page: TOP>Registered Info
・Smart Phone version member`s page: TOP>Profile information

You will be able to check these from your member`s page and it is going to look like below.

So this profile information will be used for the female to see what kind of person they are meeting. They are going to be able to view the information around a week or so. In the begging it is going to be hidden but if you set it to show, the female will be able to see your information such as your stance for relationship, message to the females, and also a photo of yourself so when you meet them for the first time it will be smoother.

We are planning to upload this system in the end of Febuary.
Hope this feature will give you advantage to have a good date.


As of using this new profile feature there is few warning below.


・It is not manditory to fill in your profile
・We can`t say it is 100% safe that the female will use the information from the profile for bad cause. Please be careful what you write on the profile.
・For security the staff will not be able to edit your information.
・There might be a error if you use emoji
・There might be a error depending in the software in your smart phone.

Please refrain from doing these below.

・Please do not put your own contact information to get in touch with the girls privately.
・Things that will connect to prostitution. (Prostitution is act where there is a sexual contact without a feeling)
・Contents that cause troubles to others, posting images.


Here was the information regarding our new features.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask us at any time.

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