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My Broken Mind and Body

My Broken Mind and Body

I would like to talk about some things that have been happening to me for the past few weeks first and for most I think I may be on the verge of a break down soon my body is not healing for some reason… O_O

For the past few weeks my nose has been stuffy and my headaches and migraines have been a constant pain in my side for the longest period of time  I cant seem to get it the headaches to go away… I have to go to the doctors every few weeks to get my medication every month (yes its that bad) lol…

I think it may be because of the sudden weather constantly changing lol (if you don’t know please see my previous blog you will understand.)

I need to figure out a way to make my body stronger some how and I think I finally found a solution to my problems!

I am thinking about really starting to go back to playing sports and maybe doing martial arts again in due time lol… I wonder when that will be lol

Well thanks for reading my lame blog and will be writing again soon 🙂


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