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Moral and awareness


Moral and awareness

Keeping Moral

Like most of the actions we take in our lives, keeping moral standards intentionally for others is not easy. But if we fail to maintain those standards, there will only be hate that will destroy communications, in turn, will destroy relationships, both personally and professionally.

There could not be a more desperate time than now that we keep these moral standards up, as we are all stressed to the limit in one way or the other.

We have countries that are on the verge of entering another lockdown. Governments refusing to accept the facts giving false information infected numbers are low. Companies trying to keep sales up to cope with salaries and their existence. People becoming tired or disoriented with staying at home 24/7.

Everything is being affected negatively, and it is becoming more challenging to find a bright side.
Even around myself, I quickly get surrounded by negativity, whether when I’m working or with my family.
I used to balance a bad day at work being scolded by a superior for one thing or another with a smiling family to greet me when I get back home. Be appreciated at work for the numbers to offset a bad morning with my wife arguing about who should have done the dishes on the previous night.


How I’m dealing with it

So, what do I do?
Like many others finding themselves in the same situation, I have taken up the challenge to seek a bright side elsewhere with a different mindset.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust, French novelist


My happiness was getting company sales to meet targets or receive a salary raise to satisfy my wife.
However, at this time, I seek to relieve Universe Club member’s everyday stress by scheduling dates, both for dates online and dates in person.
If I receive no complaint from either the gentlemen or lady from a date, I feel satisfied I have made a good connection for them. If I receive good feedback, I know I will be ending that day feeling good and helping my morals to continue to provide a better service.

With the 9th year of our continued service coming up next year, we plan to roll out new services and events that would further excite members and release their stress for at least some time.

As always, I would personally like to thank all the members still with us and would like to ensure my, and the company’s services will satisfy the ladies and gentlemen considering registering in Universe Club.

Keep Safe, and I hope you have a pleasant day ahead!


Ishida Katutaka

International group
– International Japan branch
– Singapore branch

Posted by on 2020/12/7