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Money money, money…

Money money, money…

Hi everyone, hope all are having a fantactic day.It is Shelly again from universe club Japan.
Today I would like to share the money condition of average Japanese girls.

It is saying that the average monthly income of the general companies for girls in twenties is about 200000yen or below. Well there are pension health insurance bill are deduced from the income off course tax as well.
So now you could imagine the net income.

Think about spending,…if she lives by herself, rent is quit big spending.
Off course you have to eat, so food is next big spending.
Now everyone is using mobile so it would be about 10000yen.
Utility, Hair salon, nails, cosmetic, clothes… maybe more and more.
For your information, Hair salon cost at least 5000yen average cost is 10000yen.
Nail are same, if you like girls who have done their nail beautiful, it means she is spending 10000yen for their nail.( well pedicure is another 10000yen to have done!)

For cosmetic, I have to let you know that famous brand cheek cost about 4000yen.
Pretty moisturerized lipsteack cost around 5000yen( well you could find cheap one too at drug store.)
Additionally facial and body beauty salon, Yoga and sports gym…there are lots girls would like to go.

Actually you never imagine how much girls are spending (money and time )for being cute and beautiful.

Again we are dating club tokyo Japan, not Tokyo escort.
So our girls earns just avarage income ( off course not all of them.)
If you would like to date with Japanese girls, please remind this and if she look pretty enough to you, it means she spends a lots for keeping herself cute.
If she is bit greedy, please be broad‐mindedness and enjoy your sugar dating Japan.


All the best,
Shelly Fujioka


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