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Money is not the only factor for sugar babies

Money is not the only factor for sugar babies

Hi, this is Ryu again.
You guys might be wondering why I`ve been writing a lot of blogs lately.

There is only one reason.

My boss told me to do so…

Yes if there is no order then I do not like writing blogs.

I rather set updates and talk with our members.

Because of the pandemic, our offer count is going down.
We have online dates too so please contact us 🙁

Keep us busy! lol

As the title says, today`s topic is money.

We are a sugar dating matching service for sure.
But even though you have money,
If you treat your sugar baby with no respect I say 80% of the female members will not go out with you.
Maybe the real gold digger will but what’s fun about that right?

I see complaints from the sugar babies all the time.
Lot of times the sugar daddies ends up complaining about past dates,
work and other relationships they had.

To be honest the girls met you for the first time.
Who wants to hear about your complaint in the first contact?
I sure will be irritated.

That is actually happening in some dates.
If you guys are actually friends and can talk face to face then it might be OK but if you do that at the first date….
They won`t reply back to your message after the date.

I`m not saying all the member is like this but
don`t show off your power in society.
Use your power to support the sugar babies.

If the couple respects each other then guaranty you will have fun.

Ladies first mindset is the key.

PS: This is just my idea of a fun date so please don`t complain. lol


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Posted by on 2020/3/21