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Info : Change of Dating Type E

Info : Change of Dating Type E

To all members,

Thank you for using our service.
We would like to announce the information regarding the dating type change.

To be honest there is not much female members that has chosen the dating type E.
This dating type change is for the gentleman that does not want to pay for the transportation fee to the females that you know that the relationship with them will not last.
Hope this change will give more opportunities for the gentleman to meet more new people.

◆Before the Change
[Serious Relationship・Marriage minded]
There may be a possibility the relationship may become serious leading into a actual couple or into marriage.

◆After the Change
[No Transportation Fee]
I do not need any transportation fee since I want to concentrate on the chance of meeting with nice gentleman.

【Regarding the Relationship】
The [relationship] between the female member through the dating club means [a company with compensation].
We prohibit any acts that will lead to anyway to prostitution.
The dating club law in Japan states the mistress relationship
is about the long term contract between the male with economic power and female’s physical relationship.

※ Mistress relationship is a relationship of men and women with favor, having a meal, doing dates, developing intimacy.
It means a long-term partner based on a relationship like romance, so we severely prohibit dates only for SEX.
In that sense, the club cannot confirm or agree women’s aggressiveness regarding the physical relationship at the first date.

This change will not mean we prohibit the gentleman to give transportation fee.
You do not have to give the female the transportation fee but please negotiate with them regarding the relationship.
If there is a claim from either the gentleman or the female, we might ban your membership.

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