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I miss you Summer!

I miss you Summer!

Dear Universe Club members,

For the members who have contacted us this past week, thank you very much for bare with us.!!
I was away for a vacation for a week from 8/20-8/28. I came back to office on 8/29. I went to see my old friends in NYC we went on a ship from pier 81 for a Lobster lunch cruise at North river and went to a beach to Rocaway beach in Queens.  After my trip to NYC, I went to Puerto Morales, Mexico!! I swam with wild shark whales!! More lobster, food and tan in Mexico! Omg..I gain weight and tan a lot!! I can already see my trainer’s face next time I go back to training…haha.
Anyway, we apology for any inconvenience while I was gone.
Thank you very much for being patient with us!
Now I’m back and looking forward to assisting you all again! 🙂

Hope you had a great summer as well! 🙂



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