The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


Fresh Sugar Babies

Fresh Sugar Babies

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your kind attention to our club as always.
Hope you all stay safe and well!

I wonder how often our members can check the club website.
Everyday? Once in a while? Or maybe every single minute?

Today, I want to give you sneak peeks of the new registered Japanese sugar babies registered this month!


Perfect perfect perfect!!!

But who wants to share her secret dream?


I would fly to see this lovely girl!

Wherever she is flying for, the intimacy is with her.


Such adorable smile and …

the soft-touch body that fills your satisfaction.


Wanna dance?

Imagine how she dances with these beautiful legs.


She might be the one…

Looking into her sparkling eyes,  you will lose track of the time.


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Please note some of them are available only for “Online Dating” until this pandemic goes away.


They come and go every day.
If someone catches your eyes, don’t let that girl go!
Please contact us if you wish to have the setup!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



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Posted by on 2020/4/13