The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International


Free membership for marriage hunting men

Free membership for marriage hunting men

Universe Group will ease your
marriage hunting stress


Experienced when you don’t receive a reply from the lady you thought was the one?
Been rejected by a lady at the last moment when you asked to marry you?
Not able to receive a reply when you sent your photo to meet each other?
Wasted money trying to find a partner in Marriage agencies?


Tied of meeting and making new ties to new partners
Wasted too much time in marriage hunting
Wasted money to search for the right one
Feeling you might be the problem


We can’t stress it enough,
but we would like to tell you,

” Just take a rest “


How about taking a rest, and experience new encounters without thinking about the goals as marriages?
We will be glad to assist you fully at Universe Club for gentlemen tired of there marriage hunting.

Promotion overview

The full membership fee will be refunded back to you as points

  • Standard Class → 30,000 pt
  • Gold Class → 50,000 pt
  • Platinum Class → 100,000 pt
  • Black Class → 300,000 pt

Points can be used for setting fee’s for each date, making the dates essentially free of charge.


Promotion period

15th of April, 2021 – 30th of June, 2021


Conditions of participation

  • ・Must be 20 years old or older.
  • ・Able to present the required below documents.
  • ・Elidable for members re-registering to Universe Club.
  • ・If able to prove you are single, gentlemen that are divorced are also elidable.


Required documents

  • ・Single certificate
  • ・Proof of registration to a marriage agency
  • ・A screenshot of your marriage agency “my page”
  • ・A receipt of payment with in a year to the marriage agency or similar
    *(Ineligible with free marriage agency or online application memberships)



  • ・Married or gentlemen that can not provide their Single certificate will not be able to use this promotion.
  • ・Can not be used injection with other promotions
  • ・Membership fees can not be refunded
  • ・The provided points will not have a expiration date, however, the points will become invalid if your membership expires without renewal or if you withdraw your membership.
  • ・This promotion will be valid or membership fee payments settled before the 30th of June.
  • ・Please inform the use of this promotion either when you schedule an registration meeting, or during the meeting. The promotion will be invalid when requested after your registration.
  • ・This promotion is not available for current registered members.


How to apply

Please apply form the following button.
In the “Message” box, please enter the following:

  • “Free membership for marriage hunting men”


Application for free membership

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