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The difference between us and them

The difference between us and them

What makes Universe Club different from other online dating sites ?

Online dating sites, or sugar dating sites and some escort service Tokyo sites have been a convenient and an exciting way to meet that special someone, but to some, it might be suspicious and an unsuccessful way to find a companion.

Registering your personal details, not knowing if the person on the other side is real, or if the site is fake.

You might feel the same way about us as well. 

Then what is the difference? Why take a chance and use Universe Club?

Greet and meet in person

The biggest and most important process that Universe Club does that separates itself from a conventional dating site is that our staff will always, without exception, meet every potential member to see how he or she is in person; what they look like, their personality, their language abilities, and so on.

These are very important details that one can evade by using false information in their profile. It is the very reason why we do interviews and meetings to give you a real person, with a real background.

Be honest and truthful

We will always be honest and give you the truth.

This key element: being honest and truthful, is not often found on many dating sites, but we strive to keep our integrity and continue upholding our beliefs so that we can make it possible for you to explore and widen your chances in finding that special companion.

It is the very reason why Universe Club has grown to become one of Japan’s biggest dating companies.

That being said, Universe Club will not disclose any personal information to other members, for example, Real names, company names where you work, home addresses and so on.

Foreigner friendly

Another great aspect about Universe Club that makes it attractive is that we have a special division dedicated to helping foreigners with bilingual staff, fluent in both English and Japanese so that you will not be lost in translation. 

The concierge will assist you in finding companions with recommendations, precisely tailored to your taste, making Universe Club your personal guide to Japanese women.

So, why not give Universe Club a try, one of Japan’s biggest sugar dating sites, and see for yourself what we can do for you to widen your chances of finding your perfect companion for a short or lengthy relationship while you are in Japan.

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