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The Universe Group includes 14 locations in Japan, with a branch in Singapore.

With 130 staff employed, we have grown to be Japan’s largest Sugar Dating service corporation.
The logic behind becoming Japan’s largest Sugar Dating service is making sure and treat each Sugar Baby seriously and have them meet a pleasing Sugar Daddy.
We also have the Sugar Daddies experience a relationship they would not encounter in their daily life. To maintain this high level of service, we require staff similar to a hotel concierge that can attend to all the fine details.

There are around 800 Sugar babies, and 100 Sugar Daddies interviewed and registered daily.
Why are we able to maintain such a high number of registrations?
The answer is simple. The reason is to have a highly secure membership system.
Universe Group itself is registered and has a license from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department reassuring the Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies.
Why not meet Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in a safe process and environment?
Our staff will relentlessly produce the best matching for our Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies every day.

The history of Universe Club

The enterprise Universe Club started in 2011. We have been steadily growing, and in 2018 we opened offices in 14 major cities across Japan.
And now, we have become Universe Group, a group service still heading on strong. Also, we have opened globally with a branch located in Singapore.

Universe Club is proud of having the most significant number of memberships in Japan. Moreover, we work to make the best match between our Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.
Our club staff must be dedicated to making the best match in Sugar Dating.

  • High quality video recordings like no other club
  • Detailed profiles of the Sugar Babies
  • Photoshoots that show her natural and pure state, unlike a mobile App (Non revised photos)

To avoid a mismatch, we produce the Sugar babies honestly to the details.

We strive with the concept of providing an experience to our Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies from Universe Group, an experience they would not reach in their daily lives.


To all Sugar Daddies

To all Sugar Daddies

Our staff will become the bridge between the Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies to coordinate a match when you become a Universe Club member.
We will arrange a date “setting” from our wide range of beautiful Sugar Babies when we receive your understanding of our services.
Enjoy your love life saved only for adults and Sugar Daddies.


To all Sugar Babies

For the ladies who want to enjoy a mature date

We will introduce you the successful, wealthy and mature Sugar daddies.
Change your life better with this first step into this world. Just wait for an offer from a Sugar daddy after your membership registration.



The following are the values we cherish the most.This may be different from a general corporate philosophy.
It does not mention anything about social contributions nor it is not a message for customers.
This is what we decided to cherish chosen with the representative, Kida and the employees.
We will hire employees according to these values, assess their salaries, and decide on service details.

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The Universe Group is an IT company with headquarters based in Meguro ward, central Tokyo with the president being Satoshi Kida.
In 2018, the name was changed from Universe Club to Universe Group.

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Thank you very much for visiting our website from the many sugar dating clubs available today.
I would like to say hello to everyone from Universe Club representative, Satoshi Kida.

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